Fulham Road

Status: On site

Location: Fulham, London


  • LocatED

  • DFE Capital

Number  of homes: 9

Number of school places: 800

Size (m2): 7,565

Contractor: Rydon Construction

Completion due:  June 2020

The Fulham Boys School has been housed in temporary accommodation for several years and is currently oversubscribed. The demolition and redevelopment of the underused police station on Fulham Road will provide a permanent home for a new 600 place secondary school and 200 place sixth form. The school shares the site with a Metropolitan Police Service front counter and nine residential apartments within an integrated development, regenerating a predominantly empty site into a valuable community asset.


The L-shaped proposal sits four-storeys high on a corner site, with a seven-storey residential element at one end. The main mass of the building is faced in contemporary buff brick with ventilation grilles concealed behind hit-and-miss brickwork. The anodised aluminium cladding of the upper storey reflects the mansards present in the adjacent context. Separate entrances for each different use are clearly defined; the striking pre-cast concrete school entrance creates a sense of arrival providing a sense of civic presence for an institution to be at the heart of the community for generations to come. To the rear, the building forms a ‘collegiate courtyard’ and hard games court, providing recreational space for pupils within a protected environment. To maximise the potential of the site, a deep basement will contain a double height, three-court sports hall, theatre and activity space, to be shared out-of-hours use by the community.


The school also offers improvements to the public realm by reinstating a street frontage to Fulham Road, as well as landscaping works that replace the existing trees and paving. New pedestrian and cycle access at the north-west corner of site aims to encourage healthier lifestyles for pupils and local residents.

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