The Livingstone

Status: Pre-planning

Location: Whitechapel, London

Client: LocatED

Number of homes: 71 (mixed-tenure)
Number of school places: 1,570

Size (m2): 18,581

Completion due:  TBC

An educational revolution is underway and the pace of change is staggering. Schools, regions and entire countries are turning education of its head, redefining the experience of students and teachers and there’s a lot we can learn. The world we live in now is full of so much knowledge it’s hard to grasp. 22,800 websites are created every hour. 300 hours of content are uploaded every minute. Five billion YouTube videos are watched every day.


Currently, when the typical teenager leaves school they average over 1,000 friends on each social media platform; connecting with people thousands of miles away as if they were in the same room, in previously unimaginable ways. They truly are the children of a globalised world.


As they grow up they’ll be part of a hyperconnected society with more people and fewer resources than ever before – a busy competitive world full of uncertainties – a work force that is more qualified than ever before – applying for jobs that span multiple disciplines and skillsets, many of which haven’t been invented yet.


In response, education systems are evolving to cater for these changing needs and ultimately the future learning spaces we as the build environment sector need to provide have to adapt accordingly.

Architecture Initiative have been developing plans for the regeneration of a former university building in Algate East into an education-led mixed-use scheme. The vision for this project is to create a home for the Livingstone Academy and 116 residential apartments, that will help to cross-subsidise and offset the site acquisition cost of this central London location. 

The vertically stacked all-through school is accommodated over 10 floors, with the younger children located at the lower levels with access to level play space and the older secondary school pupils at higher levels, where roof terraces and sky decks have been incorporated to provided high-quality informal and social external areas.


The school will offer an innovative curriculum promoted by gaming and digital guru Ian Livingstone. Students will apply learning across disciplines linked to real world issues and scenarios​, developing their knowledge and understanding of the 10 Skills for 21st Century Success.

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